Vaga “Looper”

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“Looper” は、スマートフォンやコンパクトカメラなどのデジタルデバイスの持ち運びに適した小型ポーチです。

“Looper” is a padded pouch suitable for carrying digital gadget such as smartphones and compact cameras.

It is compatible with the shoulder strap of “Stealth”. Once it’s attached, it can be used as a chest pocket.

Of course, it can be used as a shoulder pouch. The front panel becomes a tray when it's hanging from a neck and fully opened. Good to handle tiny items, like replacing SD cards of your digital camera.

A "Micro Pouch", which can be freely positioned on the inner panel, comes with.

Dimension: W:17cm x H:9cm x D:4cm

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¥6,600 tax included