Vaga “Wedge Large”, Black

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“Wedge Large”は"Wedge"をサイズアップしたバックパックです。

"Wedge"に比べて、“Wedge Large”は幅が30mm広く、テールフラップが20mm長く設計されています。


“Wedge” is a backpack in a size convenient for daily use, while it transforms to a skateboard-packable backpack.

”Wedge Large” is wider by 30mm and has a 20mm longer tail flap. *Compared to “Wedge”

When it is used as a normal backpack, the size is perfect for cruising on your skateboard.

The main compartment has a capacity of 19-litter which is enough for goods for a short trip, such as a set of clothes and a pair of shoes.

A top pocket is suitable to put small essential items such as wallets, smartphones, and drink bottles.

By spreading the top and the bottom flap, it transforms to a skateboard-packable backpack.

Vaga’s signature “backside-opening deck compartment” makes it quick and easy to take out a deck, while it carries other stuff separately from the deck.

The deck compartment is independent, so a deck can be packed completely separated from other goods.

Durable PVC-coated fabric is adopted for the inner of the deck compartment.

Dimension: W:30cm x H:45cm x D:15cm
Volume: 20 L

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¥15,400 tax included